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BOINC Manager 7.6

Provides a graphical interface for monitoring and controlling the BOINC Client
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"Boinc" (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing) is a program that allows you to help with many scientific projects around the world. All you need is your computer, Internet connection and the freeware program BOINC. But, how does it work? Boinc software uses the time when your are not using PC at all, and then it processes scientific information from the project you already chose. With this, you are helping to scientific investigations in many areas like, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, mathematics, astronomy, etc. So, it means that when you install Boinc program on your PC, this one will be part of a global network, and it will start to generate calculations that will retrieve and send through your Internet connection. And this will be done only the time when your computer is inactive, I mean, when the Bionic screensaver is activated or when the program detects you haven't moved your mouse for a while and there's no activity on you CPU after a determinated period. (all these settings can be configured as you desire).

Can you imagine thousands of resources that are wasted by your computer when is not active? Now you have the opportunity to use them in something worth, helping to scientific investigations around the world, so don't wait anymore and download Boinc software now.

Daniel Mantilla
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